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Ford Criminal Lawyers is a New South Wales based law firm specialising in Criminal Law. Our lawyers provide professional, strategic, qualitative and expert legal advice tailored for your matter.

Ford Criminal Lawyers provide a comprehensive range of services and can assist in all areas of representation including:

  • Advice in respect to Police arrest and the criminal process
  • Bail Applications in the Local, District and Supreme Courts
  • Local Court Hearings
  • Committal Hearings
  • District and Supreme Court Trials
  • Coroners Inquests
  • Appeals to the District, Supreme and High Courts
  • Police Integrity Commission inquiries
  • Independent Commission against corruption inquiries
  • NSW Crime Commission Hearings
  • Proceeds of Crime Forfeiture proceedings
  • Parole Board Hearings
  • Court of Criminal Appeal Hearings


Our legal advocates will swiftly respond to any legal questions or concerns you may have. Contact us by phone, email or through our new and innovative online "ENQUIRY FORM", just click on the below link.

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We have over 25 years’ exclusive criminal law experience in Local, District and Supreme Court trials, and can assist in any matter from traffic offences to strictly indictable offences such as drug importation, fraud, serious assault, larceny, sexual offences, firearms offences or murder.

Whether you plead not-guilty or guilty our senior defence team guarantee the best possible results and keep you well informed as your matter progresses.

Our senior defence team can assist you with many criminal applications:

  • Criminal Appeals,
  • Bail Applications,
  • Apprehended Violence Orders,
  • Return of seized goods,
  • Parole Hearings,
  • Declaration of Habitual Offenders Quashed,
  • License Appeals,
  • Legal Aid Matters, and
  • Many more
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At Ford Criminal Lawyers we deliver:


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    Defending Criminal Charges
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  • 2OCT

    How reliable is expert evidence?
    All expert and forensic evidence must be tested in criminal trials. Questions like; How evidence was examined? Who examined the evidence? Are examination procedures current? Equipment integrity used Details

  • 4OCT

    NSW end "right to silence"
    NSW have passed laws that effectively end your right to silence when questioned by police. Have your say on our blog page. Details

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